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Report from Wagener-Salley

March 3rd, 2010

The use of an iPod in the CATE (Career and Technology Education) program is always a hot topic. I have found so many uses and exciting websites, however at you can find a selection of useful texts to help you understand the main points. I allow the students to operate the iPod and for many this is a first time experience. The iPod is used to introduce, facilitate, and close instruction. The students have suggested sites that are helpful with instruction and websites that can be utilized across the curriculum. We can access audiobooks, skill videos, five minute lessons and music. One of the best features of the iPod is its portability which makes presenting a lesson is a different location extremely simple.
Mary Mason
Early Childhood
Teacher Cadet

Suggestion for Science Teachers from SAHS

February 11th, 2010

I am still using the iPod to present science podcasts. I try to use 3-5 minutes short subjects once or twice a week- Science Friday is excellent.
Sometimes I use a podcast that goes right with the lesson; sometimes it is a random topic. The kids love Science Friday.
I will be using a TimeWarp episode in a week or two that will be helpful when we study inertia.
Thanks so much, Beth Beckham
South Aiken High

iPod Helps Debates at North Augusta High

February 10th, 2010

I’m using the Ipod for Debates. I’m doing debates with my classes every Tuesday and I’m bringing some videos that will support the Pro and Con side. Because every week is a different subject, I use videos from to make my point and to give them some ideas.
Is easy to use and is easy to carry.
I hope that helps.
Thank you

Dr. Celeste Spence EDD
Special Education - room 303
North Augusta High School


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