Minutes of the January 5, 2005 Meeting of the Board of Directors




WEDNESDAY, Jan. 5, 2005



MEMBERS PRESENT:                                                         MEMBERS ABSENT:

Cindy Besson              Ken Wiland                                        Devin Byrd

Jimmy Angelos           Geof Fountain                                                Harold Conner                        

Happy Parker             Jeff Spears                                           Tim O’Bryant

John Girardeau          Mary Guynn                                       Charlie Weiss

Don Krafnick             Rich Thomason                                   Gary Stooksbury

Phil Mottel                              Leighton McLendon              Ray Massey       

Vicky Meyer               Pat Kirk                                               Howard Bazzarre

Steve Sucher                Barbara Smoak                                     Brian Tucker                        

Karen Papouchado     


A regular meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by Chairperson Phil Mottel on Wed., Jan. 5, 2005 at the Greater Aiken Chamber of Commerce.  A quorum was present.


Phil Mottel introduced Mr. Ernie Passailaigue, Executive Director, SC Education Lottery.  Mr. Passailaigue introduced Laura Collins, his executive assistant, and provided a power point presentation on facts about the lottery.  Highlights of his discussion were:

1.  The highest percentage of entertainment dollars (38%) are spent on the lottery.

2.  The actual lottery tickets intend to highlight the beauty of SC and send out a positive

     message about our state.

3.  SC has collected $2.4 billion since the lottery’s inception and 31.5% of the net

     proceeds have gone toward education.

4.  Out of this $852 million, 33% has gone to K-5 with 64% going to higher education.

5.  We looked at a slide rule showing Lottery Dollars at Work in each county.  In fact,

     $259,000 have gone to the Aiken County Library.

6.  The legislature decides how the funds will be appropriated.

7.  It takes six billion dollars to run SC schools and the lottery pays for 4.6 % of the total



Mr. Passailaigue thanked our Board for allowing him to share the lottery facts.  Phil Mottel thanked him for coming and Diane Mangiante presented Mr. Passailaigue with a token of appreciation from PEP.


After reviewing the minutes of the November, 2004 meeting, Leighton McLendon made a motion that the minutes be approved and Rich Thomason seconded and they were approved.

In Howard Bazzarre’s absence, Diane Mangiante reviewed the budget. She shared that a few more grant dollars are needed for the Synergistic Systems lab but is confident they will be forthcoming

 Diane continued with her Executive Report by showing pictures from the Academy for the Arts, Science and Technology, a Myrtle Beach Blue Ribbon High School.   Diane, Frances Hamilton and Barbara Smoak attended a Blue Ribbon Schools conference last month.  The C2 server is now in PEP’s office and the web site has been updated.  An anonymous donation of stock to be valued at $15,000 was received last month and the cash from its sale will be available in a few weeks.  PEP also received a $10,000 grant from the Community Foundation for the CSRA and $3,000 from LBC PTA for their Synergistic Systems lab; a $2,500 gift from the Homebuilder’s Assc.; and $390 from the Oyster Roast Benefit.  HBA intends to work with PEP again this year and continue expanding the event.


Diane also encouraged the Board members to participate in the Public Idea Gathering Meetings, Together Aiken County, as they create a long-rang strategic plan for our county.  She also advised members of a Jan. 18th Brookhaven School Board meeting to discuss the school’s budget and encouraged attendance from our PEP Board.  Finally, Diane thanked members who have volunteered to be shadowed during the Feb.1st Ground Hog Shadowing Day.


The Chair entertained a motion concerning the revision to the Bylaws provided at the Nov. 11th meeting.  Karen Papouchado made a motion that we accept the amendment to the Bylaws and Mary Guynn seconded. Following Phil Mottel’s explanation of the changes, the Board unanimously approved. The Chair noted that the Executive Comm. is looking at what other boards are doing and they may propose additional changes in the near future.


Jeff Spears reported for the Fundraising Committee.  We budgeted for $10,000 in this fall campaign and to date $7,000 has been received.  We have also received gifts from 60% of the Board members.  Jeff asked that members follow up with companies that they had signed up to contact.  He also requested that Board members add individual names of friends to the Annual Fund data base.  Jeff reminded that the Annual Fund is a process, not an event.


Mary Guynn shared that the Public Awareness Committee has visited three schools to make presentations.  The reception has been very positive.  Mary said that she will prepare a sign up sheet for the March Board meeting for members to commit to help with these PEP awareness presentations.


Steve Sucher reported from the Strategic Planning Comm.  A list of the terms of the Board members was available for review.  It was noted that two new slots will be open and Steve asked that members e-mail him recommendations for new members.  Ken Wiland graciously agreed to serve another term and Devin Byrd is eligible to serve another term.


From the Investment Committee, John Girardeau recommended that PEP begin a monthly contribution toward the endowment.  A new brochure has been prepared to be placed in attorney’s offices for estate planning.  Mary Guynn suggested that we list ways to give to PEP on our website.  Karen Papouchado suggested that we “endow a chair,” and have an empty chair vs. a child sitting in a chair.  Karen also brainstormed a laser tag fundraiser, a venue that has not been tapped in Aiken County.  Cindy Besson said that she did not allow her children to pretend to shoot people and thought this would not be something that would be a good fundraising activity.


In Barbara Smoak’s report from the Grants Committee, she said that the East Aiken PTA had accepted PEP’s challenge grant for the keyboard software and those funds had been allocated.  The Comm. also talked with Aiken High teacher Pat O’Neil about ways to support the Robotics team, he suggested that a button making machine would not only be ongoing support for the Robotics team, but it would also be used by the county Lego Leagues.  Barbara made a motion that PEP allocate $650.00 for the purchase of the button machine and Vicky Meyer seconded.  All approved.


Finally, Pat Kirk said that the Events Committee is getting ready to choose a theme for the TOY banquet.  She has also has contacted Vivian Bonce and Cheryl Black, SPCA board members, to investigate the possibility of doing something in conjunction with the Kind Newsletter—kids reading about or to animals.


Having no further business, the meeting was adjourned.  Our next meeting of the Board is scheduled for March 2, 2005 at 4:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Ray Massey, Secretary

Notes taken by Frances Hamilton








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