The Strategic Plan

Our Vision

All students in the Aiken County School District will achieve their potential to be lifelong learners and productive citizens of our community.

Our Mission

To engage the community’s support for quality public education with innovative programs and positive initiatives that create measurable improvement in our schools.

Goal 1:   Fully support the four program goals:

Basic Skills

Coordinate and expand adult education programs to accommodate larger enrollment numbers at current facilities, which have exceeded capacity.
Implement research-based programs to improve K-12 student performance in math and reading.

School to Life

Establish technology-rich learning centers for schools, preparing students for today’s workplace and tomorrow’s workforce.
Promote character education programs county-wide and provide opportunities for students to experience and understand the importance of community service and develop an expanded appreciation of citizenship.
Establish six family learning centers located throughout the county.  These centers will provide opportunities to enhance occupational and parenting skills, pulling families together into a learning environment.
Establish opportunities for dialog among SRRDI, Chambers of Commerce, the Economic Development Partnership, higher education and other organizations.

Teacher Support and Training

Establish a teacher-driven professional development institute in partnership with the public school district and higher education.
Develop programs that will enhance administrators’ skills in communication, management and leadership.

Advocacy/Public Relations

Advocate the needs and expectations of business for a qualified workforce.
Advocate for the issues and challenges confronting our schools in public discussions and task forces.
Implement a county-wide public awareness campaign centered on the need for community involvement in education to increase the level of volunteerism, community and parental involvement in schools.

Goal 2:   Increase funding for Public Education Partners to support programs and staffing through 2005.

Goal 3:  Provide adequate administrative support.

Goal 4:  Expand board development to optimize board education, function, and active service.