Propose a Grant

Public Education Partners is always looking for new ideas on how help teachers with their projects and goals. How, if anyone wants to apply for this program, they can read the terms and conditions, request do my homework for me at and prepare useful materials. If you have a need or an idea, please submit a grant proposal to us! For proposal templates:

Sample Proposal 1 (STEM Lab)
Sample Proposal 2 (iPods)
Sample Proposal 3 (SC Humanities Council)

Submit grant proposals to Jeff Howell at The Alley in Downtown Aiken, P.O. Box 3821, Aiken,  SC 29801-3821

Fund a  Grant

Educators across Aiken county come to us with their proposals every month. Each month one of these programs is selected for our Program of the Month. However, there are many good programs that are not selected. These ideas and needs require more support than we alone can provide. To fund a specific grant, all you need to do is find one that you would be interested in and click the donate button. We have categorized the grants for your convenience.

The Fine Arts
The Sciences and Math
The Humanities