To Donate

To Donate:

Becoming a patron of an educational institution is a very responsible mission, because you help develop projects and teaching methods, which from has repeatedly noted.

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If I invest in PEP, how will I know that my money has been put to good use in the schools?
Investors receive our newsletter and our Annual Report, which highlights the accomplishments of the year. Some investors will have the opportunity to directly meet the teachers and students that their dollars have impacted, through local events and performances. Investors are always welcome to drop by the PEP office to meet our staff and discuss any of our programs or the communities educational needs. About 87 cents of every dollar goes directly to programs in and for the public schools of Aiken County.

Will my company receive recognition of its investment?
Yes. Our donors are recognized in newspaper articles, newsletters, the Annual Report and through out the year at events and performances. Occasionally a particular project will warrant the display of the donor’s name in a permanent way. PEP has five donor levels to choose from: Platinum Sponsor($20,000.00 or more), Gold Sponsor ($10,000), Silver Sponsor ($7,500), Bronze Sponsor ($2,500.00), and Education Partners (anything under $2500.00). Donors giving at the Bronze Sponor and above will receive a personal visit and thank you from one of PEP’s Board Members.

Is my investment tax deductible?
Yes. Public Education Partners is a public charity and contributions are tax deductible as provided under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code. The organization is also registered with the Office of the Secretary of State, South Carolina as a fundraising organization.

May we make a pledge over several years?
Yes. Donors who wish to give over a more extended period are welcome to do so.

May we invest in a particular school, area of the district or project?
Yes. Funds for specific purposes are placed in a special account so that we may assure our investors that they are being used as directed.

Does PEP have an Endowment Fund?
Yes. A gift of a charitable trust or annuity to the Endowment Fund can realize tax savings for you. A typical charitable remainder trust allows a taxpayer to transfer low basis, high value property such as stock or land, to a trust that will pay the donor and spouse an annuity for life. The taxpayer receives an income tax deduction for the value of the future interest that pass to the charity- in the year of transfer. The remainder passes to the charity on the death of the donor or spouse, whichever is later.

You receive the satisfaction of leaving a legacy that will benefit your community and its youth for generations to come.

How can Aiken County Alumni give back to schools?
Public Education Partners is giving your reunion class the opportunity to name a Great Ideas Grant of the Class of “your graduating year”. The purpose of this gift is to provide Great Ideas Grants to teachers in elementary, middle and high schools. The class may specify that their grant be reserved for teachers in a specific school if they wish, or they may leave applications open to schools throughout the district.

Great Idea Grants are small ($500) grants to teachers to implement new or expand existing classroom projects. Past examples include: technology purchases, classroom libraries, arts programs, and materials to assist struggling students. Teachers submit applications to the PEP Programs Committee. Each project is visited by a PEP board member or staff and is evaluated based on the teacher’s application. Organizers should invite gifts from those in the class, whether attending the reunion or not. Checks should be made payable to Public Education Partners so that each donor will receive acknowledgement of their gift for tax purposes.