Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Vision – All students in the Aiken County School District will achieve their potential to be lifelong learners and productive citizens of our community. And to achieve our goals, we involve https://300writers.com/hire-letter-writer.html where professional letter writer and other resources who are always ready to help in training.

Our Mission – To engage the community’s support for quality public education with innovative programs and positive initiatives that create measurable improvement in our schools.

Public Education Partners (PEP) is an independent, community-based non-profit organization [501(c)(3)] established in 1995 to support the improvement of public education throughout Aiken County, South Carolina.  Since its inception, PEP has identified unmet academic needs in the Aiken County public schools and has mobilized community resources to meet these needs.  PEP has been instrumental in developing supplemental K-12 programs in literacy, math and science, arts and humanities, and workforce preparation.  PEP provides funding for innovative programs and strong community collaborations that leverage the resources of the community to improve education.

PEP intends to continue its mission to identify those academic areas that need supplemental services and to develop programs to address those needs.  At present,  over 93% of the county’s children – nearly 25,000 students – attend public schools.  These children deserve educational opportunities that are adequate to meet the admissions requirements of institutions of higher education as well as the needs of employers.  PEP’s programs provide necessary and diverse enhancements to supplement the academic offerings available through the schools, enriching both the students and the community, and provide educational resources that students in more advantaged school districts expect as part of their regular education.

Public Education Partners collaborates regularly with other local education foundations in South Carolina that are dedicated to the goal of quality public education for every child.  PEP is also a member of the North Augusta and Greater Aiken Chambers of Commerce and the Aiken County Community Partnership.