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Friends, Romans, Aiken County Educators, Lend me your ears!!  (What, did you think I didn’t go to school a long time ago???)

I tried to do this a minute ago but somehow messed it up so I’m trying again.  I’ll get directly to the point.  We have already begun meeting on the 2014 Summer Institute and I will have the dates for you tomorrow.  It will be the first week after the last week of school (Sounds funny, huh?)   I hope those of you who attended this past June enjoyed the week.  It is so much fun for me getting to know you all.  You are the most wonderful and dedicated people that I have ever met.  You are an inspiration, I promise.  Keep up the wonderful work.

If you would like a $10 Kroger Gift Card just call me – 439 6879 or 649-9040 – and I’ll send it to you tomorrow.

The other thing I want to mention is the cookbook.  Thank you so much for all of the help you have provided thus far.  We have sold just over 225 and hope to be at 500 by the end of next week.  We really need to sell 800 to make this a REALLY GREAT PROJECT, and we think we’ll get there.  Please tell your friends.  And thank you Maestro of Photography, Carrie Power for all of the photos.  You should see the ones we didn’t use.  Don’t let those get out Carrie!!  And thank you very much for all that you do for us here at PEP.  You are great!!

See you all tomorrow.  Don’t forget to call me for the Kroger Card.         Jeff

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Friends, Romans, Educators – Lend me your ears! (I think I am close here).  Just wanted to update you on the cookbook sales and also say thank you very much for your help on this.  We have now sold over 225 books and are going to several schools in the next couple of weeks to hopefully push this number over 500.  We really need to sell 800 books in order to make this a GREAT Project and Deb and I think we’ll make it.  I hope that you like the photo’s that the Maestro of Photography, Carrie Power of East Aiken School of the Arts, shot for us.  You should see the ones we didn’t use??   Thank you so much Carrie for all that you do for us here at PEP.  Don’t let anyone see those we didn’t use???  Ya’ know.

I’ll throw this in now; if you would like to have a $10 Kroger certificate just call me and I’ll send it to you tomorrow?  649-9040 or 439-6879.

I would like to say that we have already begun working on the 2014 Summer Institute.  I will send you the dates as soon as I have it confirmed from the District and we will be sure to get an early start with registration this year.  I hope those of you who attended this past June had a good time and feel that you learned from the program.  It is just a great week for me and for PEP getting to know many of the teachers and counselors in the District.

See you real soon!              Jeff


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A New School Year Begins . . . .

Welcome back to all Aiken County Public School Teachers:  PEP has been busy over the summer working on Aiken To Ride, September 8th and our PEP Cookbook featuring recipes from teachers, principals and staff.  We encourage you to take a look around the website to catch up on  what is all happening!  Most of you should have received a flyer regarding the cookbook and our call for more recipes.  Please send those in as soon as possible to: [email protected]

With the new school year in full gear, the PEP Board along with myself and Debbie, wish you the very best in your new classes!  We are here for you so if there is anything we can do, please ask!


Jeff Howell, Executive Director
[email protected]


I would like to thank the Public Education Partners’ Board of Directors.  We have a completely volunteer Board made up of Community and Business Leaders and Educators and the work that they do is simply phenomenal.  They give their money and their time freely.  When I need anything at all (which is really often) they are always there and I mean immediately.  I would like to thank Mrs. Kimberly Canada, our Immediate Past Chair, Mrs. Monica Key who was our 2012 Chair, Dr. Liz Stewart, our current Chair, Mr. Robert Gentry, our current Vice Chair, Mrs. Natalie Fox, our current Treasurer, Mr. Barry Adams, our past Treasurer,  Mrs. Diana Floyd, our current Secretary, Dr. Angela Burkhalter, our past Secretary, Mr. Jamie Koelker, our Events and Programs Chair, Mr. Kenneth Baldwin, Mrs. Pat Kirk, Ms. Gloria Allen, Ms. Rosie Berry, Mrs. April Collins, Mrs. Beverly Clyburn, Mr. Stuart MacVean, Mr. Ahmed Samaha, Mr. Chris Emerling, Mr. Mike Uhle and Mr. Will Williams.  If you have children, grand-children, nieces or nephews or friends in our Public School System, please thank these wonderful ladies and gentlemen when you see them.  I can assure you that they are very instrumental in supporting and advocating for our Aiken County Public Schools.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  You are the Best!!!

Jeff Howell

Public Education Partners


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WEEK of JULY 15th

Hi, Ladies and Gentlemen.  Don’t forget to check the Teachers’ Corner this week.  I still don’t know what information you would like to get on there, but there is gift for the first person who emails me and identifies it.  I will probably begin to post some information about what we are doing here at Public Education Partners this summer and some of the ideas that we have to promote the Cookbook that we are trying to publish with Teacher’s Recipes.  Send us some of your best recipes and enter the contest for naming the Cookbook.  We have a couple of good ones so far.

Somebody get in there and tell me what the prize is.  Enjoy the remainder of your summer.  See you soon.     Jeff

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Congratulations and new gift coming

Hi everyone.  Congratulations to Megan Trivelas Jensen for winning this weeks’ prize – Lunch for two at the Wilcox.  And thanks again to Shannon and Geoffrey Ellis and Kellie Smith for donating such a very nice prize four our Teachers.  Please tell all of your Teacher friends to go to the web site on Monday and email me for the new prize.  You can tell them the password or they can call me.  And Loretta Childress, you better start looking at this web site or I’m going to knock a knot on you!!!  How’s that for being tough, he, he, he, he!!!  And let me know what we should do with the Teachers’ Corner – PLEASEEEEEEEE.  See  you all soon.  Man, is summer slipping away or WHAT!


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I would like to congratulate Ashley Watson of Chukker Creek Elementary for going to the Teachers’ Corner of our web site and finding the weekly prize.  She won a free massage from Kristen Sojourner at My Aiken Body.  PEP would like to extend a special “Thank You” to Kristen for donating a message for one of our hard working teachers and for being a presenter at Summer Institute 2013.
There will be another gift for one of you wonderful Educators on Monday, so please go to the Teachers’ Corner, put in the password to access – again, call the office if you don’t know the password.  Then email me with the identity of the prize. The first email we receive with the correct identity is the winner!
Please let me know what you would like to see in the Teachers’ Corner and on the web site.  See you all soon.


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The last time I tried this no one could get into the “Teachers’ Corner” and I think we have that problem solved.  So, the first one to send me an email and identify the new “prize” will receive that prize – it’s pretty good too.  I did have two teachers call me on the last prize and tell me of their problem so we gave the prize to both.  Let’s try it again.  And don’t forget to send me some recipes for the “cookbook”.  We have about 50 now and would like between 250 and 300 (YES!!!).  Can’t wait to hear from the first teacher.  If you don’t know the password call me – 649 9040.

A gift for you

Hi, friends.  Thought you might need a little something to celebrate the middle of the week.  Go to the Teachers’ Corner and check it out – look forward to hearing from you.  Need a password, call me – 649-9040.  See you soon and have a great summer.

The Cookbook is COOKING!!

Teachers keep those recipes coming!  The new Cook Book project has really taken off these first couple of days.  We have some wonderful names for it and have about 25 recipes after only a couple of days.  We have ten or twelve great names for the book and we cannot wait to be able to offer this “Classic” to the public here in Aiken County.  We have already sent out one Visa Card for the first recipe and will be sending out more.  Check it out on the web site.  Debbie should have it up today.

We are also working on a logo for another of our new projects – “Aiken to Ride”.  We are offering a Century Ride, 1/2 metric and a 25 mile ride.  Get the word out to all of your friends so we will have several hundred riders on September 8th for a “Ride through Thoroughbred Country”.  Man, I couldn’t ride a motorcycle 100 miles, let along a bicycle.  We have a few entries already and will surely get  many, many more when we get the word out.  Check out the site and call if you need any further information.  Debbie and I will be here all summer.  And we would love for you to visit with us in the Alley at any time.  See ya’ soon!

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